Lisbon, January 19, 2023 – The French Group Vivalto Santé, one of the largest private health players in Europe, concluded at the end of last December the acquisition of Lusíadas Saúde from Amil International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.

The operation is an international demonstration of the intrinsic value of Lusíadas Saúde, a key healthcare provider in Portugal which this year will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Vivalto Santé and Lusíadas Saúde wish to assure their Employees, Customers, Partners and other relevant stakeholders this acquisition will contribute to consolidating the Group’s pivotal role in the sector and reaffirm their commitment to improving the Portuguese health system.

Vivalto Santé’s recognized history and know-how are now at the service of the Portuguese population through Lusíadas, which becomes part of a transnational medical community present in six European countries and which will strongly benefit from the permanent sharing of experiences between the professionals of this Group.

“The acquisition of Lusíadas Saúde by Vivalto Santé is an important vote of confidence in our work and brings added motivation to our strategy, focused on anticipating the needs of the Portuguese people and developing new solutions to meet their expectations”, says Vasco Antunes Pereira, CEO of Lusíadas Saúde. “In 2023 we will reinforce our commitment to the country, with an investment of 32 million euros, after a year in which, despite the impacts of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, in particular a colossal increase in energy costs, we were able to expand our response capacity on the whole country”, he adds.

« Lusíadas Saúde is now an integral part of the Vivalto Santé Group. We are all expectants to start working with the Teams, whose commitment, knowledge, and concern for the Customer experience I have been able to witness in the health units, through the purpose ‘Saber Cuidar’, » says Emmanuel De Geuser, Managing Director of Vivalto Santé.

« The Vivalto Santé Group is committed to working with a true spirit of continuity and with the ambition to strengthen the positioning of Lusíadas in the Portuguese market, » adds.

Created in 2009 by Daniel Caille, the Vivalto Santé Group is the third largest private hospitalization group in France and one of the biggest players in private healthcare in Europe, as a result of the recent internationalization that allowed it to double its activity. It currently has a network of 91 healthcare units in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and has a turnover of around 2.2 billion euros.

Founded in 1998, Lusíadas Saúde has shown sustained growth and an expansion of its assistance network in Portugal. It currently has 10 health units from north to south of the country, including five hospitals (Braga, Porto, Lisbon, Amadora and Albufeira) and five clinics (Gaia, Oriente, Almada, Faro and Forum Algarve). In addition, Lusíadas managed for 14 years and until December 31, 2022 the Cascais Hospital under a Public-Private Partnership. With more than 6,500 professionals, the group carried out around 1.4 million consultations and almost 6,000 births in 2022.


Direção de Comunicação Institucional da Lusíadas Saúde:

Sandra Simões – Tlm: 936 012 095 |


Alexandra Sobreira: 93 244 45 17|

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